Flying Charter Bucket list: Fireworks on the Amalfi Coast

Italy is home to the majority of pyrotechnic enthusiast in the world: we love fireworks and we make abundant use of them during weddings, celebrations, and, most of all, patron saints festivals.
The tradition of fireworks is deeply rooted in our territory and most believe that they were first introduced around 1292 by Marco Polo who brought with him a mysterious black powder from Eastern trades that exploded when ignited. Obviously, it was immediately put to military use, but Italians found a much more creative use for this extraordinary powder and invented the first European fireworks. By the time of the Renaissance, thanks  to advances in science and a deeper knowledge of chemistry, it became possible to create flammable powders that would burn in different colors; ongoing research during the 19th century made newer and more vibrant colors possible, and today pyrotechnic shows, especially when performed over the sea, are a real breathtaking experience.

On the Amalfi Coast, there’s always a good reason to celebrate with seaside fireworks shows, but festivals, especially the ones devoted to patron saints, are not particularly advertised, and still remain a “secret” for tourists. Lucky you, we’re locals and we’ll share with you a list of the most spectacular pyrotechnical shows around the Amalfi Coast; we strongly suggest you to enjoy the view from one of the many amazing yachts we have available in the Amalfi area.

15 June: POSITANO - San Vito
24 June: VIETRI – San Giovanni Battista
27 June: AMALFI – Sant’Andrea
29 June: CETARA – San Pietro
13 July: MINORI – Santa Trofimena
22 July: ATRANI -  Santa Maria Maddalena
27 July: RAVELLO – San Pantaleone
1-4 August: PRAIANO – San Domenico
5 August: CONCA DEI MARINI – Madonna della Neve
14-15 August: POSITANO – Assunta
31 August/1 September: AMALFI – ATRANI  Capodanno Bizantino