There are things we do to owe, others to please.
A memorable holiday aboard a wonderful luxury yacht is one of the things we do for our absolute pleasure. Especially after this challenging period, due to Coronavirus pandemic, we all deserve a special stress-free vacation.

Combine safety and relax is everyone’s priority now  and our amazing yachts are the ideal solution to spend a great time with families and friends delighted by the top level crew service provided.

There may be many reasons why yacht charters could offer one of the safest holidays this summer, here some ones:

-Take your time and space
Cruising in your own special piece of paradise: this is the perfect solution for relaxation and peace. Aboard our luxury and welcoming yachts, you can realize your romantic escape dream far away from bustle and hustle. Take your space and time to live every single moment at your own pace.

-Enjoy your floating personal restaurant
Feed your body and soul: this is the mission of our caring and pampering crew. Covid 19 has caused some restaurants close their doors but aboard our yacht you won’t have to renounce to a refined tasty dinner. Thanks to our talented and creative chefs also the most demanding guests palates will be satisfied: everything served on our yachts is customized according guests’ preferences.

-Dine every night under a different sky
When your yacht turns into your personal restaurant it means you have  the luxury of dining in new settings every night. Captain and crew will led you through  the most picturesque spots to enjoy the Greek starry night, the beauty of the glittering Mediterranean coastlines or the iconic sunsets of Sardinia and Corsica.

-Your safe harbor
Sailing in safe waters is the main goal of Yacht’s Owners, Captains and Crew.
Both passengers than crew will have to follow the Covid 19 Guidance drafted to ensure passengers and crew a safe and restful stay aboard and ashore, respecting all the safety measures laid down.  
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