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Chartering in the Mediterranean: the best events in August

Nothing beats the fun and energy you can find on the Mediterranean coasts in peak holiday season: from beach parties to folkloristic festivals, discover all the events you can’t miss if you’re on a yacht cruise in the Mediterranean.

1) 8-16 August – Berchidda
Berchidda (located in the province of Sassari) and the neighboring villages are hosting the most important Jazz event in Sardinia and one of the most important in Italy named “Time in Jazz”. This is the 30th edition of the festival and a lot of special guests are attending (Andy Sheppard, Chicago Art Ensemble, Markus Stockhausen and more).
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2) 10 August – Capri
The night of San Lorenzo is also known as the night of the shooting stars: eyes to the sky, we’re all ready to make a wish upon a falling star. And Capri’s beach in Marina Grande is the perfect spot to live this incredibly romantic Italian tradition while listening to the amazing concert that is held every year. After the concert, a firework show will fire up the sky just above the sea: it’s magical!
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3) 11 August – Ravello
The Ravello Music Festival is a very popular summer festival of music and the arts. Hosting a variety of events throughout the season, probably the most suggestive one is the “Dawn Concert” at 4.45 a.m., when the Orchestra Filarmonica Salernitana will accompany the rise of the sun with music from Rossini, Wagner and Beethoven. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
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4) 15 August – Almost everywhere in Italy
On the 15th of August Italy celebrates the catholic Assumption of Mary with music, fireworks and parties on the beach in almost every city and marina. Be prepared to eat the best street food you’ll ever find and to dance barefoot on the sand until the sunrise.

5) 24 August – Lipari
San Bartolomeo is the patron Saint of Lipari and all the Aeolian Islands. On the 24th of August the statue that contains the relics of the Saint together with all the local population, parades through the streets of Lipari; the event ends with a spectacular firework show on the beach.
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6) 27 August / 3 September – Anacapri
The Settembrata Anacaprese is a wonderful week-long festival held every year in the beautiful town of Anacapri, just above Capri. Folkloristic music, historical costumes, local music: there’s no better way to experience the real essence of the magical island of Capri.

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