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Dream or nightmare? The importance of a professional crew on a charter holiday

“The yacht is perfect and the crew is outstanding. We had some problems due to a couple days of bad weather but they have been brilliantly and quickly fixed.
The Captain is a real leader and problem solver, and the rest of the crew is incredible too, they’re far above average standards. I invited different guests on board during my stay and they were all totally satisfied. I will definitely be back next year, thank you all!”
Could you believe this is a review from a client who was caught by a storm that caused different problems to the yacht twice during his holiday? Well, it is. And the reason why his vacation didn’t turn into a nightmare is a trained, professional and expert crew.

We’ve often underlined the importance of a good team on board for the good outcome of a charter: they’ll work behind the scenes to make everything perfectly suited to your needs, from food to itinerary, from flower arrangements to water sports, and until the sun shines and the sea is calm, their attention can focus on spoiling you. But it’s in difficult situations that they need to go beyond the ordinary and really prove themselves.
Sometimes the weather can become quite unpredictable, and last Summer one of our yachts had safely moored to face what was expected to be just some rain, but it turned to be a real storm. While the crew managed to entertain the guests with live Italian cooking lessons, some breakdowns occurred to the yacht, that had to be fixed as soon as possible in order to go on with the charter. Luckily The Captain had over 30 years of sailing experience at his shoulder and a deep knowledge of the yacht so, together the deckhand, he managed to repair the failures in a matter of hours. He arranged a museum visit for the guests, and as soon as they got back on the yacht, everything was fixed and they were welcomed with a huge local ice cream bowl! A few days later the same situation occurred again but no one worried as they all knew the problem would have been solved quickly and the holiday was safe anyway.

What’s crucial to underline here is that the professionalism of the crew on a yacht charter is a serious matter in terms of safety too, that’s why it’s fundamental to book your yacht with a trusted brokerage company that will ensure you’ll be serviced by trained professionals, ready to face all possible problems, be it fixing a breakdown or finding an interesting way for you to spend your time on board in case of bad weather.
As for the guests of the charter we talked about? They spent an incredible time, despite everything, and once home, they invited friends and family for an home-cooked Italian dinner and shared the incredible story of their memorable holiday!

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