The Caribbean is a perfect destinations for yacht charters as this region is particularly safe to explore and the sailing conditions are made easy by warm winds and a quiet sea.
With plenty of islands to visit, endless beaches, hidden bays and an incredibly varied marine life to discover, the Caribbean sea is one of the best places to go for an idyllic charter holiday. In particular, we suggest you an unforgettable tour of the British Virgin Islands.

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Tortola is the British Virgin Islands’ capital and is the largest island of this archipelago, blessed with sweeping coastlines and lush mountains.
Anchoring to Soper’s Hole marina, you can easily reach the near Apple Bay, known as “The surfer’s Paradise” and enjoy a long day at the beach and an exciting evening of live music in one of the local restaurants.
If you prefer a wilder experience, sail to the White Bay, nestled off Jost Van Dyke Island, where you’ll anchor in tropical seclusion and enjoy a beach-side cocktail with your feet in the soft white sand.

The second most populated destination of the Brithish Virgin Islands is Virgin Gorda, a long island that is not as much “touristic” as the majority of the other Caribbean islands, making it a perfect scenery for a more private and relaxed getaway.
Pay a visit to The Baths, in the south of the island, a unique formation of massive boulders and tiny grottos where you can swim and snorkel. We suggest you to anchor in North Sound, a well equipped marina that attracts many world’s best luxury yachts.

Anegada is a spectacular coral island completely surrounded by a reef. With an incredible history of shipwrecks and a very varied wildlife, Anegada is a world away from anything you've experienced before and is a true paradise for divers and snorkelers.
Spend your day exploring the desert picture-perfect beaches and keep your eyes open: you may have the opportunity to see one of the many flamingoes that populate the island.
At night, enjoy a typical beach lobster roast and a glass of rum and admire the incredible starry sky just above your head.