Sicily, Aeolian and Egadi

Sicily is one of the pearls of the Mediterranean and can be discovered and experienced through a series of itineraries dedicated to areas of interest ranging from nature to history and traditions.
Nature seems to have gifted all its wonders to this land: active volcanoes, crystal clear waters, breathtaking sea bottoms and an incredible variety of flowers and plants; moreover, Sicilians are heir to an impressive cultural legacy: once a Greek colony, a Roman province, an Arab emirate and a Norman kingdom, Sicily boasts a fascinating history and its unique cultural background is reflected everywhere, from art to architecture to food. Sicily is surrounded by three wonderful archipelagos: the Aeolians, the Aegadians and the Pelagie Islands.

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Sicily and Aeolian Islands

Siracusa boasts an incredible mix of ancient cultures: Greek buildings, Roman ruins and Gothic architecture. The old town center of Ortigia, with its beautiful cathedral that once was a Greek temple then converted into a church, and its little craft shops and boutiques, is a must see for visitors that will enjoy walking around to explore the many wonderful sights and try local delicacies.

Taormina stands on a spectacular natural terrace on Mount Tauro, 200 meters above sea level. Its main attraction is the incredible Greek theater, now used as a setting for International Arts festivals. We suggest also a visit to Isola Bella, a small island just in front of Taormina that was privately owned until 1990 and whose fauna and flora won her the title of natural reserve.

Noto is a unique example of Baroque style, included by UNESCO in its World Heritage List. It dates back to the 9th century and has been a crossroad for Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans and even Spanish. Destroyed by an earthquake in 1692, it was completely rebuilt by local artisans and is now a pearl of soft limestone. A half day is enough to visit this beautiful town and we strongly suggest to pay a visit to the mosaics in Villa del Tellaro, to the natural reserve of Vendicari and to the archeologic site of Ancient Noto.

Known as the islands of wind and fire, the Aeolians combine unique beauty, fascinating geophysical characteristics and a glamorous yet relaxed atmosphere. Clouds of sulfurous gases puff out from the active volcano of the island of Vulcano, tongues of volcanic fire brighten the sky over Stromboli and waters around Panarea are warmed by thermal springs.
The sea that surrounds those seven, beautiful islands is clean, clear and so rich in marine animal and plant life, attracting divers and snorkelers from all around the world. Last but not least, the Sicilian gastronomic tradition there is strongly rooted and results in simple and meals.